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We, at Royal Manufacturing Company, are in the business of manufacturing Filter coffee in the traditional South Indian way, which was founded in South Mumbai in 1938 and is presently operated by the Third Generation in the same location. Since then, the company's mission has remained unchanged: to serve authentic South Indian coffee.

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About Us

Royal Manufacturing Company settled in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India), is a dedicated company, which is excelling in the field of manufacturing and trading in filter coffee varieties, since 1938. .

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Having Royal coffee is a great way to get you up and going for the day and ready to begin your work. The nutrients from the coffee bean are found in coffee. When you drink coffee, you get the essential nutrients of riboflavin, pantothenic acid, manganese, potassium, and magnesium. Coffee also contains a large amount of antioxidants, which prevent cell damage. Fruits and vegetables are another great source of antioxidants, but if you feel like you are short on your fruit and veggie servings for the day, make sure to grab a cup of Royal Coffee to boost the antioxidant levels in your body. The raw coffee seeds are sourced from carefully selected estates in South India. The raw seeds are roasted and ground as per the orders to maintain its freshness,

We advocate for "vocal for our local." The main advantage of purchasing directly from the manufacturer is that you are always guaranteed to be receiving freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee. .

Our Coffee Product

Our legacy of 80 years, we have been providing the best varieties of coffee. Filter Coffee Powder, Raw/Green Coffee Beans and Green Coffee Powder, Roasted Coffee beans are some of the best-selling items of our portfolio, Find us on amazon & Flipkart.

Royal Coffee Chicory Blend Coffee Powder

The Chicory blend Filter Coffee Powder is well-liked and savored by many people. It tastes fantastic with frothy hot milk or icy cold milk

    Royal Coffee Chicory Blend Coffee Powder

  • Perfect blend of 51% coffee and 49% chicory 

  • Free from artificial flavor and harmful chemical

  • Long shelf life 

  • Makes an aromatic thick decoction. Powerful taste to kick start your day. 

  • Available in 1 kg & 100gm pack at Amazon & Flipkart.

why choose us

We have a rich experience of 80 years in coffee industry, which helps us to serve you best. 

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I love the flavor and how strong the flavor is. I can't survive without Royal roast coffee. The flavor and aroma is good. Liked it well :), Must Buy

Ayush Amkar

Addicted to it. Perfectly ground that it brews so well. Love it. Enhances the experience. Cant wait to order more. Addiction is on the way. Will order more for sure.

Roshan More

Fab way to start the day My mornings just got brighter! I'm in love with my new Royal filter coffee over routine., taste is so good , 2 cup of royal coffee is enough for full day of energy

Chandu Mahajan